Going to the country of Alassane Ouattara

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I knew the country from the Houphouet Boigny from 60 to 93 years it was the time of the great boxing matches. Large special editions after the news of 20, was the country's single party. It is levied on the wages of my father's will or by force to review fraternity morning called the land of Id Houphouet, cétait large Independence Day, but I was still in Abidjan, so I can not say anything more. 
In the land of Bedie and Guei, it's even like, the continuity of the great mythic Houphouet Boigny. 
Gbagbo and the land it was the land of "I want gbo" the land of freedom of expression, the real government with ministers very hard workers and committed. If we want to get our curiosity, follow my eyes on the person of the man who by his mere silence put to rout all France's strategy to bring down our economy, I called Aké Ngbo. The country of Gbagbo, was the country of strength and bare hands against the bulldozers French. 
In the country of Alassane, if you want to make a short trip or a long stay as you go through the airport FHB, you'll see soldiers in leke (shoe of the country) with a green beret, the top holding of thePolice and the bottom holding the gendarmerie. 
Going in the country of Alassane, the country where insecurity does not permit investors to invest. The country of Alassane, a country where every day the opponents are put in prisons or are hunted. It is the country where the promises of money remains a dream uncertain and void. every day we see killings and corpses everywhere. 
If you come from the north of Alassane, you will pay at least the sum of 5000F for an empty truck and a truck full 10.000F. 
In the country of Alassane, we must never speak of Gbagbo, or sing "is how how Gbagbo on field corn in front of it." 
My heart hurt to know that you, the people here and elsewhere who love me and want to come to the country of Alassane to see me, you will realize that my so beautiful capital, Abidjan is divided intoseveral areas with their heads and cooks illiterates. 
The country of Alassane is the country where the police and gendarmes have weapons, but respondents to go to work under the threat of severe sanctions. 
Do not ask me who pays the officials of the country of Alassane, it is France and yet the money shortage. 
Do not be shocked to know that this country is ruled by a foreign couple and an education minister who brings shame. 
Do not seek the presidential palace or place of work, the palace of our president is around, one in Senegal, Burkina Faso and the other so, in fact, he does not sleep here. His workplace is that it is the Plateau golf. 
It hurts, when in the country of Alassane, the chief of staff is just a name. 
Safe arrival to the country of Alassane! 

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